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Based out of Central Florida. We offer custom Industrial, Residential and Commercial concrete work

About Us

“I have worked building a Commercial and Industrial Construction career for more than twenty-five+ years. For the most part, owner of my own business. I have done specialty concrete work for a long list of large and small, successful companies, such as, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, SafeRack, Coca~Cola, Pepsi, CSX, Cargil, Mosaic, Thatcher Chemical, Tropicana, Minutemaid, Yara North America, Progress Energy, Tampa Port Authority, Kinder-Morgan, East Coast Terminals, Whertec.

My goal is to provide service and knowledge to customers. Supporting their needs while monitoring & controlling the construction process to constantly improve quality.

Over these years I have built strong relationships with very talented people. Our team can be plugged into just about any concrete placement situation and turn it into success for the client.”

Our Services

The following are lists of some of the services we provide. For more information about your job requirements, or if you do not see your specific job listed below, please feel free to contact us for more information.



Break out, Pour Back, Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Curbs and Gutters, Retaining Walls, Handicap Ramps, Generator Slabs, Saw Cutting, Room Additions, Drilled Piers, Spread Footings, Grade Beams, Pea Gravel, Asphalt, Stamped/Patterned Concrete

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Machine Pits, Forklift Ramps, Paving Repairs, Truck Docks, Bollards, Trenches, Driveways, Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters, Parking Lots, Retaining Walls, Truck Wells, Loading Docks and Ramps, ADA Ramps, Generator Slabs, Machine Slabs, Saw Cutting, Drilled Piers, Spread Footings, Grade Beams, Pea Gravel, Asphalt, Stamped/Patterned Concrete

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Industrial Work


Residential Work


Commercial Work

LEFT HAND is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our coworkers. We reinforce this commitment through our Company Safety Training and Compliance Programs. We believe all accidents are preventable, and our goal is zero accidents. Only through continuous training, compliance with safety programs and procedures, and awareness can we continue to strive to achieve these goals.

Safety Matters

New Hire Orientation

New LEFT HAND coworkers attend safety orientation training. Each new coworker is issued a LEFT HAND Safety Handbook and views our safety video, available in both English and Spanish.

Scheduled Training

LEFT HAND schedules OSHA re-certification training throughout the year. Field supervisors receive weekly safety training. Specialized safety training for job-specific tasks, such as rigging, equipment operator, and trenching, are also offered.

Periodic Job Review

Periodic job site reviews are conducted by the Safety Director and Safety Task Force to help ensure full compliance with LEFT HAND’s Safety Policies, OSHA, and any other applicable local, state, or federal regulations. The Safety Director assesses the effectiveness level and performance of all job site personnel in meeting LEFT HAND Safety Standards as well as those required by any other regulatory body. The results of the review are discussed with job site management. Before the Safety Specialist leaves the job site, all areas requiring improvement are addressed and corrective measures are communicated to every coworker on site.

Weekly “Tool Box” Discussions

Weekly “tool box safety talks” are distributed to the first line supervisors. Each week a 15-minute tool box safety talk is recommended for every crew. Specific topics are discussed, but more importantly, supervisors are requested to discuss recent injuries, unsafe acts, additions to Hazard Communications, and upcoming work requiring any special precautions for their crew.

Accident Reporting and Documentation

Accident reports are reviewed by the Safety Director, Regional Safety Manager, and Project Manager. Corrective action is taken when required.

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